Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chalk Pastel

Chalk Pastel Fish.

One of my Private students who is 7yrs of age. This project started out as a drawing lesson. Finished with Chalk Pastels. Fish measures 12 x 18.
So proud of her. I think she did a fantastic job!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Black Glue Pumpkins

   Water color Pumpkins

 Slightly Abstract Black Glue Pumpkins

 Teacher Sample.

   I mixed my own black glue. Using Elmer's glue,
 I added a high pigment black acrylic air brush paint. You can use any black water color paint from a tube or good acrylic paint. The reason I use a quality paint is the richer the color in the glue. 
3 part glue 1 part paint.

 Because I work with Pr-K and Kindergarten students, I prepped this project. Older kids can draw
the pumpkins then trace in black glue.

Make sure the glue is dry before painting.

Below are my master pieces by my young kiddos. 
I introduce watercolors and how to use. 
Enjoy the results below. This project was a big hit!


 Love the Glasses

  Shh ...artist at work

 Happy smiley faces floating around the pumpkins...cute

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween owls

Halloween Owls in the light of the moon!

 You will need : Black construction paper 12x 18, moon stencils, tape, white acrylic paint,brushes, sponges cut into squares, black paint, black cut out owls and chalk pastels.

If the kids are 1st grade or older, have them paint their own Owl. 
I cut large circles by tracing a plate onto a manila folder. Folders make great stencils.
Use a low tack tape to hold stencil in place. ( regular scotch tape can tear the paper) Sponge paint moon with white paint. 

 Next .. remove stencil, lay chalk pastel flat on paper. Rub around moon. I use my fingers to blend chalk. Kleenex or cotton balls work great too.

 Now paint the owl in the middle of the moon, for lowers grades, I cut out Owls.
 Have the kids paint branches under the Owl. Ta dah!!

While the kids work on their projects, you can read "Wise old Owl's Halloween Adventure"

 These Owls are from my pre-school and Kindergarten class. I think they did a fantastic job!
Tree branches are hard to paint for little folk.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct. 8th 2014
Sammamish up coming Event... Come check out our local artists

October 11 & 12
10am - 5pm
Sammamish City Hall
artEAST is pleased to support the Sammamish Arts Commission and the 2014 Sammamish Arts Fair featuring paintings, jewelry, mixed media, encaustic art, glass arts, ceramics, printmaking, woodcarving,
photography and textile art.
Now in its 8th year, the fair has grown in reputation to be one of the most anticipated art events on the Eastside and will feature some of the best jury selected local artists in our area.

Located dry, warm and convenient
in Sammamish City Hall.
801 228th Ave. SE, Sammamish, WA 98075 (click for map)  


Supported by the artEAST Art Center
95 Front Street North
Issaquah, WA  98027


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Color Wheels

Color Wheels by Pr-K and Kindergartners!

It's that time of year, In the 1st couple weeks of art class, I introduce the color wheel.

Cut a 8" diameter circle out of cardboard or recycled manila folders.
 Divide it into 6 pie slices with a pencil.
For the younger kids, I put a dot of paint in the corresponding slice onto the wheel.
This helps them paint the right colors in order.
I use tempera paint for this project.
 Tip: always start with yellow. If the kids don't wash out their
brushes well, yellow won't be yellow!

I also tell them to watch their water change color as they paint there way around the wheel.
There is no need to wait for the wheel to dry.
 We jump right in and start gluing our color wheel embellishments!
You can come up with your own embellishments. I have been collecting for many years.

One of my little Picasso's went for all the shinny jewels!

Rishik found the last pink pasta heart...good eye

After the kids are done, I give them a big white piece of paper and have
 them use all their leftover paint. They can mix or paint what ever they like. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hearts in a Cup


    Hearts in a Cup  by Pre-K and Kinder- kiddos

A mixed media work of art on 6x6 canvas panel.
For some unknown reason I always start may class projects with a
 stack-able mix media art project.
The kids really enjoyed this.
I pre-cut all pieces like a kit. I know .. you must think I have a lot of time on my hands. 

My inspiration for this project is hanging in my kitchen.
A very good friend and talented neighbor, Pamela Holderman produces
 the most wonderful mix media art. A must see!

My Inspiration for this project. by Pam Holderman

A few projects from pr-k and kindergarten

The kids started by painting the 6x6 canvas board yellow.

Using lids we stamped the yellow background with white paint. 

We set aside our background and decorated our tea cups.
using a round foam paint brush the kids stamped the blue cup.
I had them use the end of their paint brush to make white dots on the green tea cup.

I put  newspaper thru my shredder to make paper shreds for a nest in the tea cup. 

We finished by tucking our hearts into the nest. And adding our bird!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Auction Nov. 1st at Pickering Farms, Issaquah, Washington.

This sunflower duo has been donated to the Greatest Goal Ministries upcoming auction.

 The ministry has been working in Sierra Leone, West Africa with the disabled and under served population since 2007. The ministry's free primary care outpatient hospital treated over 8,000 patients last year and the number of people seeking health care continues to grow.

The funds raised from this auction will be used to establish a cervical and breast cancer screening center. The first cancer screening center in all of Sierra Leone. If you wish to help or donate please contact: Patty Davis, 206-954-2214

Friday, August 8, 2014

Foil Butterfly's

Garden Foil Butterfly's

Fun Project for all ages.!

You will need: Black shoe polish or oil pastels.
                        acrylic paint
                        Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
                        Exact-o knife
                        sequins or some kind of do-dads to decorate with . optional 

I started with a 9 x12 board. You can use stretch canvas board or any kind of 9x12 flat surface. Make a template for multiple butterfly projects. Draw or print a large butterfly on a piece of paper. Cut it out, and trace it on the canvas board. Next, trace your butterfly with hot glue. 
(I had a art work-shop for small kids, I prepped this part in advance.)

Now using Glue or Mod Podge, paint the surface of the butterfly only. Then place a piece of foil over the butterfly. Starting from the center, press foil onto the butterfly so the foil now has a embossed effect. Now your ready to trim your foil from around the butterfly.
 Using oil pastel or shoe polish, gently rub the surface of the foil. This allows the acrylic to adhere better to the foil.

Your ready to paint!

When your done painting, I used a sanding block to lightly rub the raised foil areas of the butterfly. Basically rubbing off some of the paint from the raised areas so the foil shows.
Take a wad of foil and make the body of the butterfly. see samples.

Decorate with your choice of embellishments!

Kids still learning to control the flow of glue? No worries it will dry clear :)

love this one!

Beautiful ! well done Vika

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Ceramic Owls. Kinder-kiddo's

I used a paper plate to cut round ceramic slabs for my kinder kiddos.

 The kids then scored and folded sides to form the owl wings. 
I had then use plastic forks for scoring.

 Then fold the top to make the head. Pinch and or shape the ears.

 Using a Popsicle stick, I had the kids press the end into the center of the owl to make feather impressions. Then they used a pencil (both ends) to draw any designs on the wings and face.

 I helped them pressed the end of a a dowel  into the clay for the eyes.
After the owls were dry and fired. The kids then painted their owls.

 They glued buttons for the eyes.

 The Kids loved this project! I haven't met a child who doesn't like to work with clay.