Friday, January 29, 2016

Arctic Snowman

Pre-school- Kindergartners
Arctic Snowman 

Winter is not over yet in the North West!

Basic snowman                       This one was a big hit with the Kids!!
What you will need.

Low tack tape
Tempera paint
white or opaque Glitter...yes, I said that dreaded word!
Watercolor paper
Snowman stencil - I cut stencil's out of manila folders 
paints brushes

Start by taping all sides of watercolor paper.
Have the kids paint blue over the entire surface. Blot with rag or paper towels. This will speed the drying process.

With a pencil have the kids trace the snowman. Using white tempera paint, paint the snowman and background. Make sure your snowman is "grounded or Anchored into the snow. see samples.
Now using the eraser side of the pencil...dip it in white paint to make snowflakes!
let dry....REMOVE TAPE

Next: I give the kiddos a bit of freedom how they would like to personalize their snowman.
A few basic tips. I have the kids draw with pencil where the eyes, scarf, hat, buttons and mouth will go. Then paint. I talk about how to choose a brush, how to draw a hat using simple shapes. Add any embellishments you wish. Buttons, glitter....

 I think this kiddo is going to be a pop artist!