Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I have not been very good keeping up with my blog. 
A lot of life events have kept me preoccupied.
Including a move. Wow, did I collect a lot of Art "stuff ". Felt good to purge. Everything is in its new home. And so organized. Hmm... I wonder how long that will last.

  For the time being my home based 2015 Summer Camps are on hold. I'm still in the area!
I hope to be set up and back in the swing of things next season. 
Mean while I am teaching Summer art camps through the Lakeside Montessori School. 

Bye for now.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chalk Pastel

Chalk Pastel Fish.

One of my Private students who is 7yrs of age. This project started out as a drawing lesson. Finished with Chalk Pastels. Fish measures 12 x 18.
So proud of her. I think she did a fantastic job!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Black Glue Pumpkins

   Water color Pumpkins

 Slightly Abstract Black Glue Pumpkins

 Teacher Sample.

   I mixed my own black glue. Using Elmer's glue,
 I added a high pigment black acrylic air brush paint. You can use any black water color paint from a tube or good acrylic paint. The reason I use a quality paint is the richer the color in the glue. 
3 part glue 1 part paint.

 Because I work with Pr-K and Kindergarten students, I prepped this project. Older kids can draw
the pumpkins then trace in black glue.

Make sure the glue is dry before painting.

Below are my master pieces by my young kiddos. 
I introduce watercolors and how to use. 
Enjoy the results below. This project was a big hit!


 Love the Glasses

  Shh ...artist at work

 Happy smiley faces floating around the pumpkins...cute

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween owls

Halloween Owls in the light of the moon!

 You will need : Black construction paper 12x 18, moon stencils, tape, white acrylic paint,brushes, sponges cut into squares, black paint, black cut out owls and chalk pastels.

If the kids are 1st grade or older, have them paint their own Owl. 
I cut large circles by tracing a plate onto a manila folder. Folders make great stencils.
Use a low tack tape to hold stencil in place. ( regular scotch tape can tear the paper) Sponge paint moon with white paint. 

 Next .. remove stencil, lay chalk pastel flat on paper. Rub around moon. I use my fingers to blend chalk. Kleenex or cotton balls work great too.

 Now paint the owl in the middle of the moon, for lowers grades, I cut out Owls.
 Have the kids paint branches under the Owl. Ta dah!!

While the kids work on their projects, you can read "Wise old Owl's Halloween Adventure"

 These Owls are from my pre-school and Kindergarten class. I think they did a fantastic job!
Tree branches are hard to paint for little folk.