Monday, November 19, 2012


King of the Jungle

Teacher Sample

This could be a great project for any elementary grade.
For my Preschoolers, I choose to make a stencil of the basic shape of the lions head.
The hardest thing was to get them to paint a large long paint stroke to go off the paper.

I saw this project on pinterest. thank you to the unknown person who created it.

Here is a few of our king of the Jungle's

I used this lesson to review primary and secondary colors.
I have a student who is 4 (almost 5) and has exceptional control of her fine motor skills. She choose to add gold glitter paint to her mane! check out her lions eyes.... wow

I also brought in a few pictures of lions with large manes.
 love the bold colors on this one.

All you need is water color paper, black permanent makers and Tempera paint.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Harvest Scarecrow 
Oil Pastel / Watercolor
Resist  Art Lesson


Teacher's sample.
What you will need: 
12 x 18 white construction paper.
Oil pastels
 Blue water color 
large paint brushes (for sky wash )
Black permanent maker
Raffia ( for hay )
Black paper for crow.  

This was a great oil pastel resist project. We started out with a drawing lesson. The kids sketched their scarecrow in pencil first. I started with a simple lollie pop shape.

I continued with simple shapes to create the scarecrow.

Once the project was broken down to easy steps, the kids could now add their own details.
They did a wonderful job! Considering a few where skeptical at first. I remind them...with out practice you can't draw.  Here is a few of our kindergarten scarecrows.

First drawn with pencil. Then traced with black permanent maker.

Kitty scarecrow 

Next the kids colored in with oil pastels. They then used a watercolor wash for the sky. Painting over the entire picture to watch the watercolor resist the oil pastels.

Then girls decided they wanted their scarecrow to be a girl. We talked about how the dress would be tied at the bottom to hold in the hay.

Most the scarecrows look like they made friends with the crows!

Pirate Scarecrow...Great!

Happy Halloween.. Boo!