Monday, July 23, 2012

Color wheel

Oct. 8th 2012

It took me awhile, but I'm back !. School has started and I'm a little behind on posting anything.
As some of you know I teach Pre-School and Kinder-kiddos art classes. On occasion privet lessons as well. I have three classes a week this year. All full ! They will certainly keep me busy. I'm in week 4 of teaching. Here is what we have covered so far.

Color Wheels

I start with the color wheel every year.
Cut out card board or manila folders work well also, 7 1/2 inch diameter.
To insure the young ones follow the correct pattern of colors, I put a dot of paint in each section.
I start with the primary's. Have them find the yellow paint dot and paint that slice yellow. You get the idea...same with secondary colors.
Set aside to let wheels dry.
With the left over paint in their pallets, I have the kids mix colors on a blank piece of paper. oh what fun.
Next lesson: glue craft items to corresponding colors. The kids and I chat about the different shades of each color.

After the kids were all done, I gave them primary colored playdough. I had them mix their secondary colors. The young kids aren't usually strong enough to mix well.
Have them try to roll two colors together like a snake. Then smash it into a ball again. repeat several times. Or smash onto table top fold and smash fold and smash. The young ones are always astonished as a new color starts to appear.