Wednesday, February 29, 2012

African Line Art

African Line Art
Kindergarten thru 5th grade

This was a great project to introduce a couple of art terms.
Proportion and composition.
Get your pencils ready...

We started with step one above on brown paper,
the heads are drawn to allow room for the baskets and body.
And is there enough room between each figure for arms and baskets on top not to over lap?

Kinder kiddo's

When the kids where done drawing.
I had then trace their lines with black sharpie marker.

My kindergarten class used chalk pastels to add color.

The kids cut out burlap baskets for added texture.

The brown paper was then glued to white paper.
I had all kids write their name with black sharpie on the white paper
with a doodle between their name creating a pattern.

Then glue a black paper to frame art work!!

2nd and 3rd grader

A few 5th graders.
My 5th grade classes used oil pastels to add color.

Thank you pinterest for the inspiration!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr. Seuss Fish Bowl

Dr. Seuss Fish Bowl

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today we read one fish two fish. By Dr. Seuss.
This project gave me the chance to introduce the word "layering" paper.

We discussed primary and secondary colors.

And we used our markers to color our fish!
We talked about choosing a primary or secondary colored marker.

The fish and paper water pieces are cut ahead of time.
For kinder kiddos and 1st grade, I think they could cut out the project them selves.

Love this one ...
all the fish look like their swimming up from the depths of the fish bowl.

Red Velvet Valentine Cup Cakes

Red Velvet Valentine Cup Cakes

I saw these cup cakes on pinterest!
They are absolutely delicious.
Here's how to make them. One box of Red Velvet cake mix. Follow package directions.
I added one cup mini chocolate chips to mix.
about 2 mins before the cup cakes are done, place a large marshmallow on top of cup cakes.
Let marshmallow get warm. You can flatten the marshmallow and it covers the cupcake like frosting. Who ever thought of this is a genus. I added the chocolate heart for Valentines day.
Let me say... they were a hit!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clay Cookie Cutter Hearts

Clay Valentine Hearts

My elementary art class used a verity of cookie cutters and stamps
to create clay Valentine hearts.

After the air dry clay was dry, I sprayed a light coat of clear primer.
This allows paint to stick to air dry clay better.

I did not have access to a kiln this year.
Next year I would like to try this project with low fire clay.
I think the glazes would look beautiful.

Valentine Friendship Hearts

Acrylic paint Valentine Friendship Hearts

We used washable paint and makers to decorate hearts.
Each student finished four hearts.
We all cut our hearts in half. Then kept one half and traded the second half.

Little did I realize.
It wasn't enough that I had asked them to cut their creative works of art in half.
But the idea of actually giving up one of their own creations was a bit distressing for a few. go with the flow...

As long as they had fun... I modified the rules.
Some traded and others mixed and matched their own hearts.

The results where still gorgeous and creative.
Most of them learned the "art" of sharing.

After all, its all about a rewarding experience!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Birds on a Perch

Birds on a Perch
Kinder kiddos

Our Valentine love birds. Decorated with chalk pastels and crayons.

I used cardboard for the the branch and had the kids draw
wood designs with brown chalk and crayons.
I love always provides great texture!

Lets not forget the colored feathers.

The Hearts added a little extra for the Valentine season.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Be My Valentine

Preschool Valentines

My preschoolers used water colors to paint their valentines.
We talked about patterns.
The kids drew squares and circles (in a pattern) along the outer edge of the valentine. We added a foil heart. the center was to be painted red!
Well.. Some of them got it.

We all had fun learning and watching the water change color as they rinsed their brushes.

Happy Valentine's Day