Saturday, May 21, 2011

Peter Rabbit visits Monet's Garden

Peter Rabbit visits Monet's garden
Kindergarten and 1st grade

Teachers sample.
I introduced the story of Peter Rabbit and pictures of Monet's garden.
With a little help from a rabbit stencil and pre-cut fence pieces, the students created their version of Peter Rabbit visits Monet's Garden.

Kindergartner, Love the bright colors used in this piece of art.

For this project
I used Liquitex Acrylic paint. It mixes well and provides nice bold color.
It allows the students to experience painting with a thick paint.
Dries fast too!

I made rock stencils for the dirt.
Thanks Pam for the Idea!

Peter Rabbit out at night.
The moon light shines on his silver fir.

Excellent job on making the fence look weathered!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jackson Pollock-Splatter paint

Jackson Pollock

Abstract Art
Art Projects by kindergarten and 1st graders

"Throwing Paint"

Images of
Jackson Pollock

Students used large paint brushes, and kitchen utensils
to splatter, drip, drizzle, and throw paint onto large pieces of black or white paper.
This allowed the students to mimic Jackson Pollock's style
Oh what fun!



More on Pollock

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turtles Under the Sea

Turtle Under the Sea
Paintings are made by my kindergarten class.
all sea creatures are cut out of painted textured paper made by my class.

First we started with painting our sea...

The use of finger painting came in rather nice." Great look'n fins"

Next, the kids used brightly painted scrap paper to cut out sea creatures.

Here is a work of art that is complete with air bubbles!

This is a great project for the children to learn about foreground and background.

Hooray for Art !