Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Pop Up Cards

Mothers Day Pop Up Cards
by my Kindergartner's
After school Art

A fun and simple little project that requires a little prep work.

 What you will Need:

Scrapbook paper
Double sided tape or glue stick
Value pack cards or you can cut your own cards out of card stock.
Acrylic paint
Foam Mounting dots- optional.

Choose scrapbook paper suitable for the background of the handprint. Using acrylic paint, make handprint of child's hand onto the paper. let dry.
 Cut song page paper to 4 1/2" x 6". Adhere to the card, centered, using double sided tape or glue stick.
Cut out handprint to approximately 3 3/4" x 5". Adhere to the center of the card using tape or glue. For added affect try adhering handprint using foam dots.
Slide ribbon under the handprint page and tie a knot. Trim the ends of the ribbon.

My students made a pop-up mothers day note in side the card!

I brought in a heart stamp and 3-D small butterfly's to decorate with.

When we where all done, 
we put the cards in their envelopes and added a chamomile tea bag for mom!


       Happy Mothers Day!


  1. These are beautiful! What a wonderful gift for moms!

  2. Simple and beautiful gift for any would be more beautiful if use Gift Card envelopes for it.

  3. Amazing. I know lots of little boys this would suit . Gorgeous here too at the minute, actually got the garden tidied so might enjoy a little sit down time later today. Enjoy the sunshine.. Have you ever see the Pop-Up Card. I found them on google, their website : Maybe you will like that website.