Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Foil Abstract Art

My Students had a great time with this project !
Lots of smiling faces when they were done.

What you will need:

 Lots of cardboard cut into geometric shapes.
 11x14 size card board. 
 Note: I save the back cardboard piece that comes with the purchase of  Strathmore watercolor paper.
 Its strong and heavy. Perfect for this project.  Any cardboard will do.
 Semi small nuts and washers med. and large. (hardware store)
 LARGE string.(hardware store)
 Heavy duty foil
 School glue
 Black shoe polish  and or black oil pastel. I used Black oil pastel.
 Acrylic Paints or metallic craft paints. I used metallic craft paints.


 Start by arranging  pieces where you think they look good. 
When your happy with your arrangement, start gluing.

Next, glue surface. Carefully crinkle foil and place it down over the top of geometric shapes.
Start in the center and gently press foil over the entire piece,
working and pressing foil into all edges. If foil tears, no worries. it won't show by the time your done.

Now trace all items with black oil pastel.
You can also use black shoe polish to rub lightly over the entire foil surface.
This will allow the acrylic paint to stick to the foil.

Start painting.
Several affects can be achieved.
 Metallic paints used lightly will make the finished piece look more like metal. Altho, this was what I was aiming for....  kids that used heavy paints produced a more cheerful feeling.
I love the way they turned out !

Amazing. The same project. So many different interpretations.  

Wow.. this one was a lot of work.. good job Lucas!


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