Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maple Leaf Prints

Maple Leaf Print topped with Glitter

Elementary grades

I love this project. So simple and instant gratification!
My Pre-k thru 3rd. did this project.
I picked large maple leaves from my back yard. The kids used acrylic paints to paint the back side of the leaf.

Great project to talk about colors of fall. depending on the grade level, kids can use colors straight from the bottle of paint or mix fall colors them selves.
Have the kids paint the leaves different fall colors, representing the changing colors in the leaves.

Place leaf paint side down on a black piece of paper,
carefully pressing with a rag to insure a good transfer.

Now you need to work quickly before paints starts to dry. Sprinkle glitter.
I used fall color glitters. Green, red, purple, and gold.

What a great result. So much more impressive in person!

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  1. Hi Susan, thanks for your comment on my blog - somehow I missed it until today!

    These leaf prints are great looking, but glitter makes me crazy! You clean it up and it comes back - and back again - and again. And you find it in the sponges, and in the rug at home, and well, I just don't use it. It's the ONLY mess I'm afraid of!