Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween owl

Halloween Owls
By Kinder Kiddo's

Above is my teacher sample.
Thank you to the original unknown person who created this idea. I saw it on pinterest!

We started with black paper. I cut large templates for the moon.
The students traced the inside of a circle template. Then used blue chalk pastels to smudge and blend around the outside of the traced circle.
Creating a blue night haze around the full moon.

Next we used our circle templates to sponge paint the white moon.
reminding the students to let a little black show through.

I had the children practice painting tree limbs,
before they painted on their piece of art. We used bamboo brushes.

Last ...place an owl in the middle of the moon with big white eyes.
I think they all did a fantastic job.
Tree limbs are very hard to paint by small budding artist!!


  1. we love this art project, our grade four class of 27 boys and girls will be doing this project for the end of the year. thank you... Barb and Calla

  2. Your leaf art project is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing
    Tales from a Fourth Grade MathNut