Monday, June 6, 2011

Abstract Katz

kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade

The King and Queen of cats!

Above-Teacher Sample

The students first sketched their pictures with pencil.
Then applied pure water color paints to paint their masterpiece.
This is a real fun project. I find the kids always enjoy anything to do with animals.
This project can be used for any grade level... love those kind of projects!

Great Imagination!!
Love the helicopter cat in this one.
Can you find the two invisible cats above? Hint: Only eyes and mouth show!

Like a graceful vase,
a cat, even when motionless,
Seems to flow. - George F. Will

When prints dried, cats where then out lined in Black marker.

The Smallest feline is a masterpiece. -
Leonardo da Vinci

Students then glued black paper to frame Masterpieces!

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  1. These are so cool!! I l'm going to try this with my class thank you :)