Monday, November 19, 2012


King of the Jungle

Teacher Sample

This could be a great project for any elementary grade.
For my Preschoolers, I choose to make a stencil of the basic shape of the lions head.
The hardest thing was to get them to paint a large long paint stroke to go off the paper.

I saw this project on pinterest. thank you to the unknown person who created it.

Here is a few of our king of the Jungle's

I used this lesson to review primary and secondary colors.
I have a student who is 4 (almost 5) and has exceptional control of her fine motor skills. She choose to add gold glitter paint to her mane! check out her lions eyes.... wow

I also brought in a few pictures of lions with large manes.
 love the bold colors on this one.

All you need is water color paper, black permanent makers and Tempera paint.

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