Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Van Gogh

Van Gogh Sun Flowers

I introduced water color paper to the kids this week. We painted a blue wash and added texture. For the texture, I had the kids drag a rubber texture tool though the paint. This made wavy lines through the paint.
Next I brought in leaves. The kids painted the back side of the leaf and printed onto the blue background.

The kids then glued newspaper as a table top for the vase. I had them use watercolors to paint the newspaper. Next: add the vase. they traced a vase stencil and cut it out.
Next placed the brown felt sunflower centers. Leave room for the petals!

This project was done in two art sessions.
Here is a few from my Kinder Kiddo's

Can you tell we talked about highlight and shadow?

I love this one! He added fallen leaves and seeds.

I love the different out come of each child's art.

 Great Job Kiddo's !

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