Wednesday, February 29, 2012

African Line Art

African Line Art
Kindergarten thru 5th grade

This was a great project to introduce a couple of art terms.
Proportion and composition.
Get your pencils ready...

We started with step one above on brown paper,
the heads are drawn to allow room for the baskets and body.
And is there enough room between each figure for arms and baskets on top not to over lap?

Kinder kiddo's

When the kids where done drawing.
I had then trace their lines with black sharpie marker.

My kindergarten class used chalk pastels to add color.

The kids cut out burlap baskets for added texture.

The brown paper was then glued to white paper.
I had all kids write their name with black sharpie on the white paper
with a doodle between their name creating a pattern.

Then glue a black paper to frame art work!!

2nd and 3rd grader

A few 5th graders.
My 5th grade classes used oil pastels to add color.

Thank you pinterest for the inspiration!


  1. I did a lesson with Maasia as well. I love the addition of the burlap. Really makes the piece interesting!

  2. These are wonderful!

  3. Really awesome, going to use the idea in our art summer camp, Africa next weeks theme. Love the burlap touch! Thanks for sharing

  4. good idea, beautiful and creative

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  6. This is so beautiful, can't wait for my students to make it.