Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still life Fruit Bowls

"Fruit Bowl"
A dear friend and fellow artist Pam , gave me the idea for the fruit bowls.
I brought in a fruit bowl for the students to see. The kids and I talked about the term"Still Life"and different kinds of fruit. Such as the shape of a lemon is similar to a lime. Will they choose green or yellow to represent their fruit on and so on.

step 1. Using oil pastels they colored 5 different pieces of fruit.
step 2. Using acrylics, paint the background.
step 3. Paint the fruit bowl. When dry, cut out bowl and fruit, then assemble. Glue bowl onto background.
Tuck fruit into bowl (like a pocket). Glue fruit into place. done!

This project can be adjusted to any elementary grade level. The lower grade levels require more prep work on your part as a mom or teacher.

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